20×40 Fiesta Frame Tent

//20×40 Fiesta Frame Tent
20×40 Fiesta Frame Tent 2019-02-22T21:49:53+00:00

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Our 20'x40' Fiesta Frame Tent features the standard frame tent style available in the event rental industry. Great for everything from festivals and corporate events to weddings and backyard parties.

Max seating: 64-96 people.   w/(8, 5' round tables, or 12, 8' rectangular tables)

Accessories: Sidewalls, Lights, Heaters and More!

Set-up: requires 30'x50' area of level surface to install

Surface Type: Grass, Gravel, Asphalt*, Cement**, Patio**

 *Requires: Stake hole repair, or Water Barrels

**Requires: Water barrels or Other Type of Securement

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20x40 Fiesta Frame Tent

20x40 Fiesta Frame Tent

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