50 Guest Package (Deluxe)

//50 Guest Package (Deluxe)
50 Guest Package (Deluxe) 2019-07-27T10:12:05+00:00

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Our Guest Packages are perfect for backyard parties. Deluxe Guest Packages feature our High Peak Frame Tents.

Includes: 20x20 High Peak Frame Tent, 6  8' Banquet Tables, and 50 Black Chairs 

Accessories: Sidewalls, Lights, Heaters and More!

Set-up: requires 25'x25' area of level surface to install

Surface Type: Grass, Gravel, Asphalt*, Cement**, Patio**

 *Requires: Stake hole repair, or Water Barrels

**Requires: Water barrels or Other Type of Securement 

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50 Guest Package (Deluxe)

50 Guest Package (Deluxe)

Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions: 20'x20'
Space Needed: 30'x30'